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Thriving through Nature: Fostering Children’s Executive Function Skills, Children's Nature Network by Chiara D’Amore with Cheryl Charles and Richard Louv

“Giving children the chance to play outside has myriad benefits, from physical activity to creativity, emotional health, social connectedness, and cognitive development, including the specific executive function skills that are so critical to a happy, healthy childhood and a fulfilling life.”

Vitamin N by Richard Louv

"Children want to have a sense of purpose - it is an innately human need. Give a child a purpose, with meaning, a reason for which something needs to be done or created. Define an end goal, and then let the child's imagination figure out how to get there"

Play the Forest School Way by Peter Houghton and Jane Worroll

"From play comes real knowledge about the environment and a direct connection with nature, a sense of belonging, of wonder and of respect for life. Cherished memories from, along with an enthusiasm to return and experience more, and through this a lasting sense of stewardship for our amazing, unique natural world is born.

Nature Preschools and Forest Kindergartens: The Handbook for Outdoor Learning

"...we need to teach love of the children as the foundation of education, we need to teach love of the earth as well. This love of the earth, along with the development of the physical body and the development of interpersonal love and compassion, are precursors to the development of cognitive skills."