Orangevale, CA, USA

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5829 Filbert Ave., Orangevale, CA


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Thank you for your interest in Creative Nature Playschool! Please fill out the information below to be added to our CNP Waitlist; families on our waitlist will receive first notice of an upcoming opening. Please note tours are only scheduled when CNP has an opening and only offered after program hours, on Mondays and Tuesdays, between 4 and 5pm. To be considered for a tour or to be added to our CNP Family Waitlist fully complete the questions below. Thanks for your interest in CNP! Please note enrollment fees are discussed during tours, not before or over the phone.

CNP is FULL however will accept family contact information to be placed on our CNP Waitlist.

CNP Waitlisted families will receive FIRST

notice of any upcoming vacancies,

prior to publicly advertising.

This site is updated frequently.

CNP does not offer one day a week schedules. 

Potential Playschoolers must be 2.5 years

or older to enroll at CNP.